Request a Compassionate Friend

How can a Compassionate Friend support you

If you are a Hillingdon resident living with a terminal illness, long-term condition or are suffering from loneliness please do get in touch. Once we have a better idea of your circumstances we will match you with a trained Compassionate Friend to provide support.

Their support will be based around you and the things that you enjoy doing but they will also support you with things that are worrying you or have become problematic.

This might range from having someone to accompany you to an activity that you enjoy, helping you with shopping or helping with a pet, to using the internet and helping manage correspondence.

Our commitment to you

  • You will be treated with respect and kindness.
  • A participation agreement will set out the terms of your Compassionate Friend’s experience and the expectations you have of the programme and the compassionate friend volunteers.
  • We will work with you to understand what is important to you, your interests, likes and dislikes. An open and honest dialogue, without judgement, will be key to ensuring you are matched with the right Compassionate Friend. This information will only be used for this purpose, and the Compassionate Hillingdon Coordinator will only convey information that positively supports the matching process.
  • You will be able to veto, refuse or change your compassionate friend at any time. However, you will be asked to explain the reasons why to help with future matching.
  • You are not expected to have direct conversations with your compassionate friend about ending the friendship.  Any changes will be conveyed by the Compassionate Hillingdon Coordinator.
  • You can raise concerns at any time with the Compassionate Hillingdon Coordinator. You, your family and friends will be provided contact details for the Compassionate Hillingdon Coordinator and the nominated safeguarding lead. All concerns will be acted upon.
  • Request information about a local Compassionate Friend

Request information about a local Compassionate Friend