The fabulous Carers Fair is back!! Making caring visible, valued and supported Hillingdon Carers Fair is organised by Carers Trust Hillingdon and the London Borough of Hillingdon to mark national Carers Week.

As well as celebrating and recognising Hillingdon’s army of unpaid carers, the purpose of the event is to provide as much information to carers as possible, give them the opportunity to talk to support services face-to-face and to raise awareness of caring to help people to recognise themselves as carers. Every year the Careers Trust identify and register at least 50 new carers who are passing through the shopping centre just going about their daily lives unaware that there is help available.

As well as a great range of stalls from voluntary and statutory organisations that provide help, support, information and services to carers, the event will be attended by the Mayor of Hillingdon.

The carers fair will take place on Tuesday 7th June 2022.